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Information on the European Racquetball Tour

Information on the European Racquetball Tour


The European Racquetball Tour (ERT) was established in 1999 to promote tournament participation and to generally promote Racquetball in Europe through well organised tournaments for players of all skilllevels.

The ERT is linked to the European Racquetball Federation (ERF) which was founded in 1985 in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Currently the following countries are members of the ERF: Belgium, Catalonia (Spain), England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,Poland, Scotland, Turkey. France and Sweden will apply for membership within the next weeks.
The Tour

Currently the following tournaments are part of the ERT:
01. Hamburg Open (GERMANY) September
02. Dutch Open (NETHERLANDS) October
03. Belgian Open (BELGIUM) November
04. Catalonia Open (Catalonia/SPAIN) December
05. French Open (FRANCE) January
06. Turkey Open (TURKEY) February
07. Castelbar Open (IRELAND) March
08. Italian Open (ITALY) March
09. German Open (GERMANY) April
10. Irish Open (IRELAND) May

It is expected that a tournament in England as well as Sweden may be added to the tour in the coming months or year(s).There are more tournaments held, especially in Ireland and Germany. In Germany, the US military bases organize events. None of those has been included to the tour.

Ranking points are awarded for all divisions at these tournaments to the European Racquetball Rankings. Age and skill level divisions are being offered at any of the above events.

ERT ranking points are only awarded in the following categories:
Men’s Open (minimum of 6 players)
Women’s Open (minimum of 4 players)
Men’s 35+ (minimum of 6 players)
Men’s 40+ (minimum of 6 players)
Mens 50+ (minimum of 6 players)
Men’s B (minimum of 6 players)
Men’s C (minimum of 6 players)
Women’s B (minimum of 4 players)
Doubles (minimum of 6 teams)

Promotional Efforts:

The ERT promotes it’s events through:
– website anouncements
– e-mails to players in Europe and worldwide
– newspaper coverage
– sometimes even TV coverage