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Rafael Morales (MEX) and Consuelo del Prato (ITA) win Italian Open 2016

ItalianOpen2016winnerMexico’s Rafael Morales and Italy’s own Consuelo del Prato are the winners of the 11th Italian Open 2016 that were held recently at the Centro Sportivo di Brembate with players from six countries attending. Morales defeated Angulo Henry (Bolivia) in the final, while del Prato defeated France’s Caroline Parola in 2 straight games to win her third Italian Open singles title after a long absence from competitive racquetball. Welcome back Consuelo! In doubles, the Italian/Mexican team Morales/Papini defeated JD Lattuca and Doug Miller (USA) in the final. Other winners are Richard Bautista in Mens B, Jean-Marc Bizeau (France) in Mens C and Shebaro Ziad (USA) winning the 50+ division.

Picture © Racquetball Italia

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  1. Steve Bonfiglio

    I live in L.A. but frequently stay in
    Italy for several weeks at a time. But aside from US military facilities, I have never been able to find racquetball courts. Where are they!? Any information where courts are in Milan or Sardinia? –the 2 places in Italy I frequent most?

    Appreciate any advice or direction.

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